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Online Meetings

Step 1: Download the Zoom App on your phone, tablet or computer.

Step 2: Click on the Zoom ID below when the meetings are on.

Step 3:  Enter in the password.  (Those outside of the SCRF assembly can source the password from one of the local members).


 When  Zoom ID
Communion Service  Sunday, 2.00pm 410 099 768

How to Connect to Zoom

The first time you click on a Zoom meeting link, you’ll be prompted to download the app, or on a computer, visit the Zoom website to download the app. For smartphones and tablets, download the Zoom app from your app store.  You'll need an email address to register and then need to 'accept' an email from Zoom at that email address and set up a password.

At the designated meeting time, start your Zoom app (or click on it if using a mobile), click on the meeting link above for the meeting you wish to join and enter the password.  If you have a good internet connection, connect with both video and audio.


Tips for Zoom Meetings

  • Where possible use a computer rather than phone – it’s easier to position and use its keyboard for chatting during the meeting.
  • Ensure your profile name is your name and not 'iphone' or 'tablet' - this makes it easier for everyone to identify you - especially if your video isn't on.
  • If using your phone, have it in landscape mode (sideways) – you will look better!
  • We love to see each other, so turn your video on and have some decent lighting in your room.
  • Try to position your device at your eyeline or higher so you’re not looking down into it.
  • Explore the options at the bottom of the screen for turning audio and video on/off and chatting.
  • Try switching between speaker view (the person speaking is in a large window) and Gallery view (you can see more people) – option is at top-right on a computer screen and on a phone you scroll right.
  • If you need to communicate or request prayer during the meeting, use the ‘chat’ button at the bottom of the screen.
Enjoy the fellowship – it’s just how we have to meet during this time (thank goodness for technology).


Online Resources

Checkout the huge range of online resources in the form of websites, videos and podcasts that are available from our fellowships all around Australia and overseas.

Revival Fellowship (main website)
Testimonies (videos)
Testimonies (podcasts)
Ministry Talks (podcasts)
More Ministry Talks (podcasts)
Marriage Topics (podcasts)
National Youngies Camp
Canberra Ministry (videos) YouTube Channel - Canberra
Gold Coast Ministry (videos) YouTube Channel - Gold Coast
Newcastle Ministry (videos) YouTube Channel - Newcastle
Brisbane Ministry (Audio) Online Downloads
Perth Ministry Online Downloads
Upcoming Livestream Meetings Worldwide Google Calendar

Got suggestions for other Revival Fellowships online resources - please let us know about them by filling in the form below.  Thanks!

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