Privacy Policy

What is this privacy policy about?

This privacy policy tells you how we use and keep safe any personal information you give us through this website.

What information is collected?

We only collect information through this website that you have given to us. Most of the time we only need to collect your email address.  If you are signing up for an event such as a camp or a rally, more details are needed to run the event.  These details include information like your name, address, age, dietary requirements and phone numbers.  This information is collected from you through a web form you complete so you will know what information we have.

Why is your personal information collected?

Your information is collected so that we can help you.  You may have subscribed to a mailing list or signed up for an event like a camp or a rally.

How it will be used?

The personal information you give us is used for the purpose it was collected and not for any other purpose.  We will not give your personal information to another person or organisation unless required to by law.

How is it stored?

The website is hosted securely on a cloud solution. The processing of event signups is managed outside of the website and not subject to this privacy policy.  However, due care is taken to safeguard the information.

How long will it be stored for?

Once your information has been used for the purpose it was collected, we delete your information.  For events, your information will be deleted three months after the event has been held.  For mailing lists, your information will be deleted when you tell us you no longer wish to receive mail from us.

Any questions about this policy

If you have any questions about this policy, please contact us directly .

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